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Edwin Beylerian

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Over the years my work has been executed in a variety of media from watercolor and acrylic paint, large installations and murals to polymer clay and electronic media including still images and animation. It's unifying theme has been my interest with patterns and textures as a way to articulate visual experience, the same way as scales, tonalities and harmonies articulate music. I am particularly interested in the independence of patterns from direct representational references. Yet they engage us in a deeper cognitive level that can transcend individual cultures and historical periods. Patterns and textures occur in nature from microscopic to cosmic scale, and are found in all cultures as a vehicle of decoration of adornment, as well as foundations for complex symbolic thought systems, diagrams and divination. They are also extensively used in mathematics, the sciences and technology

When I started working with patterns, I used a minimalistic process- oriented approach, setting up narrow parameters that I would follow rigorously such as using a limited range of colors, shapes or dimensions or using random number systems. Over time my work has become less formal and more intuitive, introducing color, mapping the patterns over geometric or organic three dimensional shapes and enriching their tactile qualities. In my work in digital media, I have been developing some virtual visionary architecture work using 3D software - I see these pieces as complete in themselves and as a starting point for future installation or public art pieces.

Edwin Beylerian



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